Is Roe v Wade about choice? I think it might be

People don’t understand the impact “our body, our choice” had on women in the last hundred years. #RoeVWade feels like it fits in that same vein.

Before disposable menstrual pads in 1896, women were homebound for at least a week every month. Condoms(~1940) meant a couple could choose if they wanted to have a baby. Birth control(1960) was the first time a woman could choose herself not to get pregnant.

Women have been able to vote since 1920, but in 1963 JKF signed the Equal Pay Act into law after birth control allowed women to work. The invention of birth control empowered women by giving them a choice.

I think some women see abortion the same way. A choice, even if they wouldn’t choose it for themselves. Could this be a slippery slope? I’m not sure. Since Roe v Wade in 1973, women have watched as other women go-to space, get elected to office and are nominated to be president. But what effect does any of that have on the everyday woman?

Life feels hard for everyone right now. Unfortunately, people make the distinction between pro-life and anti-life. I don’t think it’s time for a victory lap if it means kicking the losers while they’re down.

This issue takes time to understand for women. For some, I’m sure it feels like something taken from them. Let’s give them time to understand.

Another thought.

This is a significant event in our time, but we aren’t able to articulate why. It lives for now slightly outside our understanding.

I think that’s why people are so upset. Some people are angry because it feels like something was taken from them, but can’t explain what.

Other people are acting like they won something, but don’t know why people are mad.

I think some women see it as an attack on their autonomy. If things continued unopposed it seems like we’d be back in the 60s.

Pro-life seems to think pro-choice is anti-life and pro-choice thinks pro-life is anti-choice.

I think if both sides would stop trying to silence the other we might get somewhere.

From a comment elsewhere. I replied to someone saying it’s a property issue.

Our justice system is based on our innate value. I’m not sure how any human could be seen as property.

How I read the arguments of Roe v Wade it was an issue of privacy guaranteed by the 14th amendment. If a person is born or naturalized in USA no state can infringe on their rights, one being privacy via due process.

Also the mootness point was big for me. A pregnant women couldn’t appeal the law by the time she’d give birth or past the time an abortion was possible.

The Christian point I’ve thought about for a while.

The curse for women was that childbirth would be very painful, and her desire would be for her husband, but he would rule over her.

Before the curse Eve was totally equal to Adam. Child birth wasn’t painful and didn’t cause any issues to her life.

I’m not sure it make sense to tell people that they’re wrong and stop there. Especially when Christ is the answer to the curse.

The great thing about Christianity is it’s not a group identity. If we have different opinions based on our perceptions we don’t get kicked out of the group. Christians are individuals who have a relationship with God directly.

The father of our people was renamed Israel (wrestled with God.) People have individual value and wrestling with God by having perceptions and working them out is right.