Hebrews 7 Melchizedek

A priest was the only connection to God
Pastors are shepherds

Melchizedek king of Salem or Jerusalem and priest of God Most High was given 10% of Abraham’s plunder. He blessed Abram, the greater blesses the lesser. M is greater than Abraham. The first tithe, before the law before it was a command before it funded the priesthood. Tithing is more a principal or heart thing than funding. Then Melchizedek is gone.

Abraham was on a mission to rescue Lot. He kills kings and rescues Lot. Gen 14: 17-20

Hebrews 7:3

Melchizedek didn’t have a genealogy or record of birth or death but lasted forever.

Christophany is a visible manifestation of a pre-incarnate Christ. Most theologians think M is a Christophany.

Why does another priest need to come, Jesus comes from a perfect line of priests.

7:11-16 power of indestructible life.

Why is Jesus our high priest?
Mediation, lawyer, and advocate. We are holy, he reminds us and goes between us and God. It’s as if we never sinned.

Relates understands, and grace with confidence, he gets it. Perfect, but priests offered scarifies for themselves.

Give access to the father, and opens the door. Come yourself, without a go-between.

The former was weak and useless, the law made nothing perfect. You get to draw near, there’s a better way, you draw near on your own. Don’t go back to the old. This is extended to all Christians