AI and the Bible: Unraveling the Divine Code

Hello there! Here I am again, excited to share updates on my fascinating project, the AI Bible Research. Yesterday, I kick-started my AI deep dive into the world of biblical genealogies, a sea of names, connections, and implied stories. As I navigated this intricate network, using OpenAI's embedding model (text-embedding-ada-002), I observed intriguing patterns in the AI responses and grappled with the mysterious algorithms behind them. This unexpected journey reminded me of the art of interpretation that biblical scholars partake in, a constant dance between the words on the page and the world they attempt to illuminate.

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I really like this article. However the AI responses are pretty vague if you really think about it. For example I could not determine if the reference “David through Joseph” was referring to David all the way down to Joseph (Jesus’ earthly father) or if it was referring to Joseph in the old testament and that David is decended through Joseph.

It is really great that you are taking the time to research and do this right as this is an important topic to many people.

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I agree, from the chat, I’m not sure either. As of now, the AI chat agent is only trained in genealogies so I think it might have trouble getting the prophesies right.

Joseph and Mary were distant cousins. They each fulfilled the prophecy that the Messiah would descend from the house and lineage of King David. Jesus’ legal title to the throne of King David was through Joseph, but his blood title to the throne was through Mary.

For those interested, here’s a list of verses included in the initial training.

Note that due to the nature of the genealogies being intertwined with narratives and sometimes not presented as explicit “begat” lists, there may be more genealogical information spread throughout various passages that I’m missing:

Book (Order) Chapter Verses
Genesis (1) 5 1-32
Genesis (1) 11 10-26
Genesis (1) 25 12-18
Genesis (1) 10 Full Chapter
Exodus (2) 6 16-25
Numbers (4) 1, 2, 3, 26 Full Chapters
Ruth (8) 4 18-22
1 Samuel (9) 9 1-2 (Saul’s Lineage)
2 Samuel (10) 5 13-16 (David’s Children in Hebron)
1 Chronicles (13) 1-9 Full Chapters
Ezra (15) 2 Full Chapter
Ezra (15) 10 18-44
Nehemiah (16) 7 Full Chapter
Job (18) 1 1-5
Matthew (40) 1 1-17
Luke (42) 3 23-38
John (43) 1 1-18